Framework Portlets


Portlets implementing common web frameworks. Portlets in this category are meant as examples for developers.
Sun JSF CardemoSun JSF Cardemo Portlet implementing MyFaces2 MBDownload
Downloads: 1391
Sun AJAX Sample Portlet12 KBDownload
Downloads: 1185
SpringMVC Portlet6 MBDownload
Downloads: 1000
Struts Mail Portlet for JBoss Portal 2.4Struts Mail Portlet implementing JBoss Portal Struts-Bridge1 MBApacheDownload
Downloads: 1016
Struts jPetStore Portlet for JBoss Portal 2.6Struts jPetStore Portlet using JBoss Portal Struts-Bridge to be used with JBoss Portal 2.64 MBApacheDownload
Downloads: 1799
Tapestry PortletCalendar Sheet Portlet. This portlet shows the current month, year, week in year, day and name of day.2 MBApacheDownload
Downloads: 873
JavaPlant Base MVC Portlet FrameworkApacheDownload
Downloads: 593
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