Odds and ends that fit nowhere else.
JBoss Weather PortletWeather forecasts with the ability for users to customize their location and save in portal preferences.1008 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 745
JBoss News PortletRSS News feed portlet with the ability for users to customize the feed URL and save in portal preferences.1009 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 794
PortletBridge Portlet4 MBApacheDownload
Downloads: 771
Stock and Industry News PortletsPortlets that aggregate stock information and industry news based on stock symbols.280 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 619
Flash Movie PortletAllows a user to edit the url and dimensions of a flash movie that will be displayed within.180 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 990
Custom Navigation PortletA customizeable navigation portlet, derived from the tabbed navigation portlet in 2.2, allowing for descriptor-driven navigation items.1015 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 1054
Calculator PortletJavascript calculator portlet.177 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 915
IFrame PortletA customizeable IFrame portlet that allows a user to define a url and dimensions for the display of the IFRame.183 KBLGPLDownload
Downloads: 1316
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