Frequently Asked Questions


What is PortletSwap?
PortletSwap was designed by the JBoss Portal Development Team to be a central place for the community to share portlets and layouts for use with JBoss Portal. The ultimate goal of this community is to sponsor a free and open exchange of portlets and layouts, emulating what the PHP community has done with projects such as PHPNuke, PostNuke, and PHPBB.

What is JBoss Portal?
JBoss Portal is JSR-168-compliant Portal offered by JBoss. It can be downloaded for free from here. If you want to understand portal technology and the specification, the JBoss Portal Wiki is a good place to start.

Are PortletSwap downloads JBoss Portal - specific?
Yes! Everything available from this site is verified to work under JBoss Portal. We do not verify deployment of these portlets on other portals, so if they do not work, contact your portal vendor directly.

Often, all that is needed is a quick change in a deployment descriptor, but some portlets (such as our forumsPortlet) are intimately tied to the JBoss Portal Core and will most likely NOT work under other portal frameworks.

How do I contribute portlets/layouts?
1. Read the Contributors README, FIRST!
2. If your upload complies with the issues in the README, head over to the upload page and send in what you have.

How long does it take for an upload to be listed?
As long as it takes us to review it, make sure it works, and categorize it.

I can't get this portlet/layout that I downloaded from here to work. What do I do?
You have a few options here:
1. Email the author of the download and ask him for help. Often, authors place their contact information in the javadoc or README files.
2. Head over to the JBoss Portal User Forums and post your problems there. A community member, may have experienced the same issues with this download.

Where else on the web can I get portlets?
The first portlet trading site on the web was started by companies such as Plumtree, BEA, and Sun, and is not even worth mentioning as its shown itself to be an abissmal failure. We would recommend for you to join and download from the Yahoo Groups Portlet List, as members tend to contribute from time to time there.

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