Portlet Catalog

This is the main category for the JBoss Portlet Swap catalog. Here you will find a community-maintained exchange of portlets and themes/layouts. Although the portlets are all JSR-168 compliant (unless otherwise noted), JBoss Portal deployment descriptors are included for ease-of-pluggability to this portal framework. Many of the themes and layouts are specific for use in JBoss Portal, however.

You can find further information about JBoss Portal here.

Name Description Browse
Tutorial Portlets These portlets are linked from our JBoss Portal documentation and provide a template for developers when starting out in portlet development. Browse
Framework Portlets Portlets implementing common web frameworks, such as AJAX, JSF, Spring, Tapestry, and Seam. Portlets in this category are meant as examples for developers. Browse
Collaboration Portlets Portlets providing collaboration functionality. For example: Address books, email, forums, and wiki. Browse
Miscellaneous Portlets Portlet bundles that do not fit under any specific category. (RSS Feeds, IFRame, Flash, etc...) Browse

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