Contribute to Portlet Swap

Contributing JBoss Portal portlets, themes and /or layouts to JBoss Portletswap can lead to significant recognition of your efforts. Your work may become widely deployed with recognition attributed to you. As JBoss Portal grows, we offer employment opportunities to leading contributors who have made a difference. JBoss will run periodic contests with fun and useful prizes to recognize those who build portlets, themes and/or layouts that are recognized by other leading developers for their usefulness, innovation and style.

Use the form below to upload contributions to PortletSwap. Acceptable contributions are portlets and theme/layout combinations. Once uploaded, your contribution will be tested for compatibility with JBoss Portal, categorized, and made available to the general public for download. By uploading, you certify that you are the original author or have authorization to distribute the work, and have read the Contributors Document.

Please read the Contributors Document before uploading, and verify that all appropriate licensing information, deployment descriptors and source code (if you are adopting an OS license) are included! Submissions that do not follow the instructions listed in the Contributors Document will not be posted!

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